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deb copy smallAt 17, I gave birth to my first child, a daughter, and then at 21, my second child, a son, so I have been a mother my entire adult life.   I have never seen my role as a mother as a negative in my life even though I recognised lots of social injustices that impacted my role, and came up against a lot of obstacles that made the challenges more difficult than they need to have been.   Apart from a very brief marriage (that resulted in the birth of my son), I raised my children on my own until they were teenagers, marrying again at 35 and taking on 4 young step children.

I get the complexity of motherhood, marriage, life.

I get the inequalities that we as women often face.

I don’t get the prevailing view that women’s innate biology and capacity to bear children is something to be denied, removed, hindered in every way possible, as the only way in which women can be treated and K&R smallaccepted as equal participants in social, professional and educational worlds.

I don’t see my biology or my identity as a woman to be any kind of weakness.  I never have, in spite of growing up in a world where the rhetoric of reproductive ‘choice’ and radical feminist ideology has pervaded my education and the lives of my friends and colleagues.

I’m not sure what protected me from buying into the lies that many women succumb to today.  I only know that when I look at my life, through all the challenges (and there were very many), and all the joys, I cannot concede that I would have been better off without my children, or denying my femininity, or trying to change who I truly am in order to fit into a world that others said I couldn’t.

Many things do need to change in order for the world to be a fairer place for women, but forcing women to change themselves isn’t one of them.   I hope that I will be able to provide some helpful thoughts for other women to consider as they navigate the complexities of love and life.

This is my personal website, however, you will find that I cross post writings from my work because many of them reflect things I feel personally passionate about.   You will also find my views on wider topics that are nothing to do with my work.

My views are not expressed to convert you or even convince you of any position.  They are what they are, factual and truthful.  I don’t mind if you disagree.   I don’t mind hearing alternate views.  I can respect your views.

Today I continue my rebellious ways and spend my leisure time gaming.. yes.. actual gaming.. with headphones and guns and real internet people… oh and I’m also doing my PhD!

all kids.

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