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The greater pain..

This week I posted a comment on a ‘first mothers’ forum’.  First mothers are those who lost a child to adoption.  The forum post I commented on was one where the mothers advocate strongly for abortion rights, touting research that I know is methodological flawed to rationalise why women need abortion and that it causes …

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Dilemma of pre born humanity

Here we meet a baby whose location changed temporarily for the purpose of surgery to remove a tumour.  Baby LynLee was removed from her mother’s womb at 23 weeks of pregnancy, operated on, and returned to her mother’s body from where she was born at 36 weeks. This must create a dilemma for those who …

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NSW Bill based on more misinformation

This article is yet another example of the media allowing ideological misinformation to drive the abortion debate.    With references to the law needing to come into line with community expectations and the law stopping doctors performing abortions, the article is regurgitating the same misleading abortion propaganda that was delivered in Victoria and in Queensland.  The …

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