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Ban DS terminations

Interesting moves in the US with legislation to ban pregnancy termination after a diagnosis of Down Syndrome.  There is a huge network of families in Australia with children who have Down Syndrome who advocate for more information, more positive stories, less negative language and far less coercion in the setting of a diagnosis of DS.   …

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Brave donations?

The Marie Stopes call  for ‘brave philanthropists’ to fund abortions for economically disadvantaged women is one of the most abhorrent so called ‘charitable’ causes I have ever seen.  When a woman is pregnant in adverse circumstances and she believes her economic situation is too perilous to support a child, Marie Stopes comes to the rescue …

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The next step? Forcing doctors to perform abortion

In 2008 Victorian parliament voted to decriminalise abortion, making it possible for terminations at all stages of pregnancy.  While the number of post 20 week terminations rose dramatically from 328 to 410 between 2008 and 2009, the numbers dropped back to the mid 300’s for the subsequent 3 years.   The trend of around half of …

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