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The greater pain..

This week I posted a comment on a ‘first mothers’ forum’.  First mothers are those who lost a child to adoption.  The forum post I commented on was one where the mothers advocate strongly for abortion rights, touting research that I know is methodological flawed to rationalise why women need abortion and that it causes …

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Adoption heartache?

There are so many thing wrong in this article that I don’t know where to begin.  When I read an article headed, “Adopting in the US has more heartache than you think”, I expect to see something about the loss experienced by a mother who loses her child, or maybe a child who grieves the …

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NO to Adoption not Abortion


My criticism of the ‘adoption not abortion’ approach to abortion discussion does not win me any popularity contests among those who promote it,  however everything I know about both adoption and abortion compels me to dispel some misconceptions. I see banners, flyers and memes, such as the one depicted here all over social media and …

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