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Women should be thankful; Misogyny at its finest

Discussions around abortion access often rest on this concept of choice, freedom and autonomy for women, concepts that the majority of people would support.  It is these ideals which underpinned much of the political debate around the recent Infant Viability Bill in Victoria.  Yet in spite of the substantial evidence that abortion is rarely an …

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Protecting our children

This little gem should alarm every parent… and every teenager… if only they knew the danger it represented.    This article the plans of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to remove such terrible barriers as parents so ‘youth’ have free and unfettered access to both contraception and abortion. ‘Youth’ in UNFPA speak includes children as …

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Equality of Women

Whilst my life is full to the brim with all my different roles I am first and foremost a woman who will fight for the rights of all women to equal participation in social, professional and educational worlds of their choosing. I will also fight the idea that the only way in which women can …

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