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Someone is missing

I have just spent a wondrous few days with my beautiful grandchildren, Liam, 5, Zoe, 4 and Josh, 2.5.  There is something about being a grandmother that isn’t explainable to someone who hasn’t experienced it; in a similar way to becoming a parent for the first time.   There is the same overwhelming love and sense …

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If it wasn’t for abortion…..

“If it wasn’t for your abortion, you would never had the opportunities afforded you today.” This is one of the many shallow arguments for abortion that I’ve heard over the years.  Not only is it completely false, but in fact for me, and I suspect the majority of women the opposite is true. If it …

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Aphrodite and sex


Mythology, particularly feminine mythology has been a life-long passion of mine.  I have seen the mythological stories play out in my own life, and in the lives of clients, friends and family and I have been thankful for the insight that mythological story has helped me develop when living out my own tragedies and triumphs.   …

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