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NSW Bill based on more misinformation

This article is yet another example of the media allowing ideological misinformation to drive the abortion debate.    With references to the law needing to come into line with community expectations and the law stopping doctors performing abortions, the article is regurgitating the same misleading abortion propaganda that was delivered in Victoria and in Queensland.  The …

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The baby business

RK Surrogacy

I watched this story on morning news last year and wondered how many people would hear past the sad story of cancer and infertility to the implications of what the story is promoting.   While I have empathy for Sally Obermeder’s circumstance, both her cancer ordeal and subsequent infertility, the way in which she proposes Australia …

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Women should be thankful; Misogyny at its finest

Discussions around abortion access often rest on this concept of choice, freedom and autonomy for women, concepts that the majority of people would support.  It is these ideals which underpinned much of the political debate around the recent Infant Viability Bill in Victoria.  Yet in spite of the substantial evidence that abortion is rarely an …

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