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Alarmist Gatekeeping

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"With the gift of this book, we can all breathe a long-overdue sigh of relief. Finally, a cohesive work that validates what so many of us have dealt with personally and professionally, explanations and labels for the players and components of a thoroughly entrenched phenomenon that has effectively robbed us of the ability to tackle the problem of abortion head on."

Priscilla coleman phd

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  1. clara

    I have for the last 20yrs known intuitively that the way forward for humanity is to regroup into local, smaller communities and become tight knit again. There has been little in the way of real community policing in the past few years and yet look around you. There is little anti-social behaviour on the community level. Human nature is peaceful when left alone. We need to learn to trust each other again and be responsible for looking after ourselves based on moral principles. Our institutions have shown us in these past years they have no interest in anything except sustaining themselves at the community cost.

    There is only one solution to an abusive relationship – no contact. There is no other way when the other party involved has no interest in a healthy relationship.

  2. Name

    None of this communication and crazy making behaviour to news to anyone with a dark triad personality experience. This is called chaos manufacture and it’s designed to keep the target in a perpetual state of anxiety and second guessing their own perceptions of reality thereby making them dependant on the abuser. The big problem is that the average person has no experience of this before so the intentional manipulation is just bewildering and they can’t get a handle on the idea there is intention behind it. They don’t want to believe that people actually exist who get their kicks by doing this. But they are out there, and they are a lot more numerous than the 1% you think they are.

    The worst thing you can do is assume there everyone else is just like you. There are people out there who live in a different universe when it comes to how they perceive others and treat them.

  3. Angela Michelle Joy Stahlfest-Moller

    It starts to make sense when you realize it is SUPPOSED to not make sense.
    It is called gaslighting and it is also how Stockholm Syndrome can be triggered.
    As planned.

  4. Leonie

    Thank you Debbie for this article. I am sending it to many to help wake them up. Of all that I can send them, I will send this.

  5. Dr. Jeff Koloze

    Abortion activists would appreciate this feminist perspective on the topic, which focuses on the deceptive communication strategies of the abortion movement, its efforts to censor diversity of thought, and ways to empower women considering the abortion choice.

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