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White Ribbon espousing uninformed abortion ideology

Apparently if you are a man who wants to support White Ribbon, you better toe the ideological line of abortion advocacy, regardless of the evidence that large numbers of abortions are unwanted by women.

Queensland MP, Mark Robinson dared to suggest that: 

"As a White Ribbon man I have pledged to not ignore ‪#‎DV‬ against women, but to stand up against it. Another reason why I can't support the Pyne-Labor Abortion Bill as it removes protections for women against violent partners who are forcing them to abort the babies they want to keep."

So Mark Robinson believes that abortion is not the answer to domestic violence and this is considered so outrageous that this self-righteous organisation dares to censor all its supporters.   

Pay attention to this for a moment.   You cannot support White Ribbon unless you also support abortion.

This is in spite of the fact that 95% of all abortions are undertaken as a result of a complete failure to meet the real needs of women.   Large numbers of women have abortions because men make them, or men encourage them, or beat them, or threaten to withdraw support, or because men simply don't want to be fathers.

Large numbers of women have abortions because they are terrified of being tied to a violent man and the best thing we can offer them in that situation is the 'choice' of abortion, rather than protection from the violence.

Women have abortions because workplaces refuse to provide flexibility for them to have actual choice, universities tell young women they must choose between their education and their children.  Women have abortions because they have no money, or no support, or no place to live, or mental health problems, or their baby may die and they are never offered perinatal hospice care.

Most of these women never choose at all.   There is no choice if there is only one choice.   EVER

For many women abortion IS a violence perpetrated against them, but not for White Ribbon.   White Ribbon are appearing more and more like other organisations, full of rhetoric and politics, toeing the ideological line with total and complete disregard for women at all. 

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  1. Julie Jacobs

    Thank you Debbie. Appreciate your words and truth.

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