Every now and then in the midst of a conversation with a friend or colleague, I will share something about myself which appears to surprise the other.   That then surprises me.   I started to wonder... what are the things about me that many don't know, but that create a fuller picture of who I am?   Then I wondered about what it is to be 'known'.  Which led to more wondering about whether I even had 50 interesting or even boring facts about myself!      This list was pretty quick to put together.  I'm not sure what that says!   

In no particular order

  1. I am an introvert, deriving my energy from a rich inner life.  While I enjoy people, I find being with people very draining.
  2. I am fascinated by mythology, particularly Greek mythology and specifically the stories of Goddesses and women.
  3. I MUST drive... I am not a good passenger... I MUST always drive the vehicle!
  4. I eat a low carb diet... very low carb.. I avoid inflammatory foods and eat lots of healthy fats.  It's easy, and good for you.
  5. I LOVE to cook, but you are unlikely to ever get the same meal twice as I rarely follow a recipe.
  6. I love to have visitors and play hostess.
  7. I love to read and often have a variety of fiction and non-fiction on the go at the same time.
  8. I took weekly singing lessons for 18 months so I could sing Happy Birthday without feeling embarrassed about my lack of singing voice.
  9. I drink coffee... LOTS of coffee.  Black, strong, imported Italian coffee, although I also love a smooth Costa Rican variety as well.   I'm extremely fussy about coffee.
  10. I am an internet gamer.   No.. not scrabble or Farmville... a real live war games, zombie apocalypse gamer.   I have a game most nights of the week.   I also own an XBox Kinect, a PS3 and a VR system.
  11. I am fascinated by English royal history, particularly the Tudor period.  My favourite historical author is Alison Weir.  I read everything she writes.
  12. I also love psychological thrillers and crime novels and non-fiction.
  13. I quite like ironing as long as I have a good television series to wile away the time.
  14. I was the child of teen parents.  My parents are still married and both had successful careers.
  15. I had my first child when I was 17, my second at 21.  They are both super awesome.
  16. I LOVE shows on polygamy.  It began with Big Love, and I now devour My Sister Wives, and Seeking Sister Wife.   The relationship dynamics fascinate me.   It greatly appeals to my sense of the 'village'.
  17. I know how to build a website, using HTML code.   That's all there was when I began.  Knowing the code is great for troubleshooting.
  18. Since emergency neck surgery some years ago, I have suffered severe occipital neuralgia headaches.   Chronic severe pain is very tiring.
  19. I have been at the births of my five grandchildren.
  20. I am addicted to the internet.  Without access, I develop anxiety symptoms.  My husband is VERY understanding of this and understands that limited internet constitutes a crisis demanding immediate attention.
  21. I love public speaking.  I can speak to an audience of 5 or 5000 without feeling nervous.
  22. On the other hand.... social engagements kind of bore me and drain me.. and I could probably live without them.
  23. I don't have to see the end of things... for example, I can be watching a super exciting movie, but can easily just leave it in the middle without having to watch the ending.  
  24. I enjoy Science Fiction... I especially liked the Stargate series and the new Battlestar Galactica.
  25. I'm not overly attached to material things.  I have a LOT of them.  I live in a beautiful home full of nice things, but I could as easily live without them (and have).
  26. Having said that, I do own a huge amount of clothes and more than 30 pairs of shoes, of which I wear about 3.
  27. I like to draw and paint and painting has quite overtaken my office space.. I seriously need a studio!
  28. I have 5 grandchildren. 
  29. I met my husband in January 1990 at a foot reflexology course.  He was a stranger sitting next to me whose foot I then had to massage... 
  30. I LOVE cruises, mostly because of the contained cost.   I'm quite a budgetter!
  31. I have 4 degrees.... 2 Bachelor Degrees, a Master's Degree and PhD.
  32. I wrote a book!
  33. It makes me mad when people tell women that they can't achieve their dreams AND have children. 
  34. I'm a bit of a change agent.  I have big picture vision, with small detail skill.   I love to create something tangible from my vision, set it in motion, move on.
  35. I enjoy conversations with people who have different values, opinions and beliefs from me.   I'm open to questioning and I love to feel challenged in either affirming or reconsidering my own views.
  36. I have suffered a very lengthy severe depression in my 20's and 30's.  Even today, I have to use cognitive strategies to ensure I don't slip.
  37. I enjoy caring for my husband, cooking, making coffee, doing his ironing.  I just do.
  38. I prefer to facilitate groups than work with one to one clients.
  39. I am strongly pro women.
  40. I am also strongly pro men.
  41. I don't believe censoring dissenting opinion is healthy.  It stunts our growth as human beings.
  42. I believe the marketing of abortion as a solution to women's social problems is a travesty and a huge social justice issue that must be redressed.
  43. I don't mind sharing things about myself... the 'good' and the 'bad'.
  44. I have few regrets.  Regret is pointless.   If I did something wrong, I can't take it back.  I can apologise and do my best to make better decisions in the future.
  45. I believe the negative things that occurred to me and around me contributed to who I am today, and that isn't a bad thing.
  46. I nursed my 16yr old stepson through a 9 month cancer journey.  Then he died.  I had known him since he was 6 months old.
  47. I forgive easily.  I'd rather risk more pain than potentially miss out on more gain.
  48. My husband is my absolute best friend in the world. 
  49. People think I hold very conservative views on many issues.  I don't.
  50. I LOVE to dance.