There was an interesting question asked on Twitter today, with a broad range of even more interesting responses; more than 600 of them in fact.

The question:

We are in a time when people seem to be either digging in to their positions, having been compliant, dutifully taking their two jabs, now conscientiously dobbing in their neighbours and staying away from the unvaxxed... or... they are starting to look around and notice that things aren't all as they were told.

This sense of shame or embarrassment is very significant as it is often the major impediment to people being able to question something they initially adopted as a belief. It is especially difficult when the person has encouraged others to adopt the belief they now have doubts about.

The inconsistency of directions and guidelines for people is wearing thin, especially when they see the fallout for their children and society at large.

And of course many people are now seeing a much bigger picture than control of a virus.

Many people are 'done with all the tyranny'.