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ABC National Interview

My recent ABC National radio interview is available for listening HERE

Would love to hear your thoughts on the Gosnell case in the USA and on your thoughts about late term abortion, including gender selection abortion here in Australia


  1. Anna

    Hi Deb,
    Surprisingly evenhanded interview. I can’t help but marvel at how Leslie waffles on about women should be their own “moral agent,” but then infers that we are apparently so stupid that we get sucked into the “icky factor…” or some quirky term she’s invented to describe our repulsion at abortion. Honestly Leslie, I’m a big girl and I can think for myself. I feel “icky” about getting stitches in a gash in my arm but I don’t connect it with being morally wrong. I feel icky about Kermit Gosnell snipping the spinal cord of “aborted” babies born alive and aborting babies in general and I connect it with being morally wrong. Getting stitches in my arm mends my body. Aborting a baby intentionally takes the life of an innocent human being.

  2. Margaret

    I sympathise with women who are faced with a decision to make regarding the health of their baby…it must be very difficult…There are slo other women in abusive relationships who make hard decisions as well….As for getting prgnant and “being surprised” about it…well, I am sorry but these women should see their pregnancies through then adopt the child out if they are not ready to be mothers… There are lots of support systems out there for them these days….. And as for the people who want abortions for gender selection…I know there are cultural problems but in my mind..it is not acceptable at all…Once again there are a lot of people who would be happy to adopt these children as well… When do we as adults lose the plot and think it is all about us and our needs and forget that this child di not ask to be conceived but because our actions did conceive it…we have a responsibility to value the life …that…may I add…has started as soon as the cell grows…. a cell growing is called life be it a tree or an amoeba or whatever …it is still life so stop calling it a foetus to meke us feel better about the abortion process…it is a baby…. a little person in progress…As for being medicare funded for gender selection I think it is a disgrace. lets stop funding it and put the money into PBD drugs for cancer sufferers to extend their life….

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