It has been a few months since I produced a video update of the adverse event reports of Covid vaccines to the TGA. Since that time the censorship has been rampant and I was forced to remove the videos from YouTube.

While I've now opened a Rumble account, the reports previously available are now out of date so I will only upload future ones. Today I decided to have a browse through the last few weeks of reports and found these few very serious ones worthy of review.

Remember at all times that the information available through these searches show reports only and do not prove causation.

5 year old

5 year old
10yr old
11yr old
13yr old
16yr olds

There is no question that each of these children is or has been extremely unwell and perhaps with long-lasting or life-limiting conditions going forward. With many countries no longer offering these drugs to children and some not even recommending them to people under the age of 50 except in specific circumstances, the very least such reports should do is caution people about the possibilities.