A couple of weeks ago, I had occasion to be sharing a meal with both my daughter and her biological dad.   He and I had became parents to her when I was 17, and he just 21 and shortly after went our separate ways.  As I talked to him about my work in supporting women with unintended pregnancy, and counselling women post abortion, he said he hadn't really thought that much about abortion.

It was only afterward that I thought about how many women are told 'you can always have another baby' when they may be considering abortion, or suffering through the time after.   As I sat there with the man who fathered my baby when I was 17, I looked across at her and knew that had I succumbed to the pressure to abort, I could never have had 'this baby'.   This particular person, my grown daughter, someone who in her profession has literally saved many lives would never have existed.   Her father and I certainly would never have created another child together so there would never have been a chance for even a variation of my daughter to exist.  Her unique DNA came from the 2 of us and would never be repeated.

Sure, many women do go on to have other children after an abortion.  The fact remains that the baby they did carry can never exist in the future , or be replaced by a different person.  This is a fact that many devastated women aren't told, and often don't know until after they have an abortion.

Our world not only mourns the loss of all of the babies that mothers were not supported to bring into this world, but their babies as well.   As I looked at my daughter holding her own son, I wondered if her dad would think more about abortion if he understood the reality of their existence.

What purpose can ever be served by withholding this truth from women, or men?.