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At what cost?

There is no question that Covid is a virus with devastating consequences and that many have died. The facts remain that the majority of deaths are of very aged people and/or people with underlying conditions, leaving the majority of the population at little risk.

Yet we now have governments recommending vaccination for children from aged 12 with talk of vaccinating children even younger, when all the evidence points to the fact that Covid is not generally a serious illness in children or teenagers. Constant talk of 'case numbers' as though these numbers reflect serious illness is terrorising people, including children.

So many parents are at breaking point, isolated, trying to work from home while also schooling their children who are anxious and afraid. There are reports today that more than 340 teenagers a week are being admitted to hospital suffering mental health emergencies. There will be many more than this number sitting in their homes suffering.

We have spent more than a year either locked down, or dictated to about not visiting elderly relatives, not talking to neighbours, living with parks that are closed so even children can't play. Recently in our shopping mall I passed a man out shopping with his elderly mother and desperately looking for a chair for her to sit on. She looked exhausted. It was only then I noticed that all the seating had been removed from the entire shopping centre. He was forced to ask her to lean against a benchtop while he quickly finished the shopping. They both looked near to tears.

I have spent 40 years talking personally and professionally about the need parents have for support and how kids benefit from extended family and a 'village'. We need each other and nobody should feel like they are alone. The government rhetoric of 'we're all in this together' is such a blatant lie when so many are isolated and suffering alone.

Now this: news that grandparents are not allowed to care for their grandchildren.

“If your grandmother looks after your kid every Tuesday and that’s a normal thing, you may regard that as part of your normal household activity and that’s OK. But at this point in time, it’s not,” Says the Covid Commander

Parents are at their breaking points. Teens are considering or attempting suicide. Elderly are alone in their homes or dying alone without the comfort of loved ones.

Of course we are fearful of a virus that the media tells us is around every corner and will certainly kill you even if that isn't true.

Of course we want to protect ourselves and those we love along with all vulnerable people in our communities.

But at what cost? The complete breakdown of the fabric of our society, of our very humanity?

How much more will people tolerate?


  1. Selena

    100% agree. Really struggling to understand why the lockdowns still have any public support.

  2. Vickie Janson

    Couldn’t agree more. It’s time we stopped the case count and expanded our vision to count the cost of current measures. Survival rates from extreme loneliness , delayed medical procedures, financial loss and the like may not be as great as the high survival rate from Covid. There must be a more humane way to address this.

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