Dear Mr Barton

In mid-October I sent this plea to you and every other MP to please understand the severity of the impact that lockdowns, mandates, and fear-mongering was having on the lives of Victorians.

The only thing that has changes since that time is that the trauma has increased, both individually and collectively. 

Families are divided.

Marriages are breaking down.

More children are self-harming.

Parents are being denied access to children’s school events.

Thousands have lost their ability to earn a living

Thousands were forced to vaccinate and are now dealing with the very significant trauma of that attack on their integrity.

Hundreds of thousands have marched week after week to send a very strong message that they cannot live like this any longer.  Nothing you have bargained can be worth more than the lives of all these people.

Please look around and see what is happening on the ground, in communities where people have not had the luxury to work from home, or not been able to resist the coercion of jabs they didn’t want because they have to put food on the table or pay their rent.

History will not look kindly on those who ignored this suffering.  It will look even less kindly on those who bargained human freedoms as though people are chattel to be traded.

You hold a lot in your hands today.  Make the right decision for those you serve, not those who make false promises.