The Marie Stopes call  for 'brave philanthropists' to fund abortions for economically disadvantaged women is one of the most abhorrent so called 'charitable' causes I have ever seen. 

When a woman is pregnant in adverse circumstances and she believes her economic situation is too perilous to support a child, Marie Stopes comes to the rescue with one option:   abortion.  

For this they charge many hundreds of dollars in excess of the Medicare rebate so that they can continue to line the pockets of their own staff and executives, and spread such 'options' to developing countries.   They know that the reason many women end up in their clinics is because they cannot afford to bear their children and now they want 'brave philanthropists' to pay for the abortions for these women. 

Surely a much more meaningful approach to a woman in economic disadvantage is to offer her financial help to continue her pregnancy and a number of organisations work to do this.  However many of them have been denied, or are still battling to get the same DGR status that Marie Stopes now proudly boasts. 

Marie Stopes want you to ignore  the reality of the circumstances for most abortion seeking women and continue to sell the lie to the community that abortion is all about 'autonomy', 'freedom' and 'choice' when they absolutely understand that for the majority of women nothing could be further from the truth. 

Those philanthropists who feel they do something worthwhile to help women end their pregnancies instead of helping to address women's real needs don't need to be brave... they just need to be prepared to ignore the truth and decide that it is easier, and lets face it, cheaper,  to help a woman terminate her pregnancy than to help her out of her circumstances.   The latter takes bravery, time, compassion, and genuine concern for her needs.    A donation, especially one that comes as a tax deduction sure sounds easy compared to that doesn't it?  

It isn't 'brave' to pay for womens' abortions.  It is brave to challenge the idea that without abortion women can't be 'equal'.    It is brave to challenge the idea that without abortion women can't excel in education or careers.    It is brave to stand beside a woman through her pregnancy and her parenting, not just through the 10 minute procedure that will rid her of her 'burden'.   


As I read through the articles on this issue, an interesting comment on a facebook post about this news caught my eye:

"No one should be forced into parenthood through poverty."

What a bizarrely twisted perspective on this issue.   Even Marie Stopes acknowledge that women are coming to them with pregnancies they feel they can't continue... because of poverty...  

A philosophy more in keeping with reality would be 'no one should be forced into abortion through poverty'.   

If there are actual brave philanthropists out there who want to truly help women, send me a message.  

There are hundreds, thousands of women who could benefit from your help.   Not one of them truly wants to be rid of their unborn child.   Many of them never considered it.    Many of them already birthed their babes and are struggling.   Many amazing organisations provide them with services for FREE but they need your help to continue to do so.   Don't buy Marie Stopes lies that paying for an abortion... money that MS pockets... 'helps' women.

Let me know who you are and I will let you know how you can truly help.