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Your stories

Want to share your story from the last 3 years..

denied treatment?

discriminated against in some other way?

family breakdown?

lost your job?

Use the reply option below to tell your story. The replies only go public once I approve them. If you want to be anonymous, let me know and I can post anonymously.

Once you submit your story, it may be published in other social media, journal, or blogs.

Where to even begin..

It has been some time since I published here and I note there are currently 7 draft posts sitting here waiting for me to add to them with something vaguely wise or at least a little interesting. All of them initially sparked by something in the media, often something so outrageous or so concerning that in the midst of writing, I find I don't even have words anymore to describe the absurdity or inhumanity of our world.

During the worst of the overt and nasty discrimination against people who had chosen not to participate in experimental medical therapies which purported to be safe and which we know have not been effective, many feared not being able to access healthcare at all.

I was one of them. The doctor's surgery I had attended for 30+ years would not provide me with treatment when I had Covid. They wanted nothing to do with me. Still today doctor's surgeries don't want patients with a sniffle or a cough so I'm not sure why they are so busy given sniffles and coughs probably made up at least some of their businesses.

People, politicians and medical 'professionals' included suggested that unvaccinated people should not be allowed to access healthcare at all, for any reason. They should be left to die.

Today, three years into this horror show, that is exactly what is happening to an Australian woman being denied life-saving treatment unless she complies with taking a drug that the majority of evidence today demonstrates does little if anything to prevent transmission of Covid.

In fact, until now, because of the heart condition which now necessitates a transplant, she was considered exempt from this experiment. One high profile doctor expresses the view that the heart she could receive has more value than she does when he says:

"From a transplant physicians point of view… the biggest risk to you when we hit your immune system like that if you get Covid-19 without having the vaccine, then there‘s a really significant risk that you’ll die and that organ will die with you,” Dr Coatsworth said.

“And we don‘t want that to happen to you and we certainly don’t want it to happen to the family whose made that sacred donation. So it is such a complex area. I don’t envy your decision, but I do standby the rules of the transplant physicians have made here.”


I don't know about you but this is perhaps one of the most offensive ... if there can be any part of this more offensive than the other ... parts of this statement.


His use of this word in this situation sickens me. This woman has children, a husband, perhaps parents and no doubt other family who love and value her, whose worth and value is not about whether she complies with politically driven drug trials that provide her no benefit at this point. Sacred?

If anything has been truly lost from this new world we are in today, it is that anything seems to be considered 'sacred' except the words and dictates of a few people in power who are trying to rob us of all our humanity.

In many cases they are succeeding. My own fears are realised that it is a possibility that in the event I might need some essential healthcare it may be denied me. For me, this is an even greater reason for people to step up and stand their ground, whether vaccinated or not. Any one of us can be the next in line as the sand shifts and dictates change.

What will be your line in the sand? Do you even have one?

Abortion ‘rights’

When you listen to mainstream media tell you that people who are against abortion, or question it, or even have small doubts, are hateful, bigoted or disgusting, remember these women.


“I knew deep in my heart that abortion was not something I wanted to do. I went to my appointment, my boyfriend came with me. I was pretty sure that at the last minute I would panic and decide to keep my baby. But I was sedated and given pretty powerful pain medication that prevented me from thinking rationally. I don’t remember too much about the procedure. It started before I even realized it. I was supposed to say something at the very last possible moment. That way my boyfriend could at least see I tried. But those powerful meds made me lose the ability to do this.
By the time I’d realized what had happened it was too late to take it back. I didn’t feel the real effects until the next day once the drugs had completely worn off. I was devastated. I still am. I am broken. I don’t know how to cope. Part of me wants to die.
Living without my lovely baby seems like a terrible existence. I don’t know where to go from here. I do know that I will never be the same again” (Nala, Alarmist Gatekeeping: pg. 15)


“One of my friends posted something on her facebook about Zoe’s law in New South Wales. She read about how it would stop women being able to have abortions and she kept saying how terrible that was. I read the story of how Zoe’s law came
about and I felt so sad for that mother (that her baby was killed by a drunk driver). She wanted her baby and someone killed it and she can’t get any justice and now people are trying to say that her baby can’t be valued because someone else might

not want theirs?

My friend doesn’t know what I did to my baby. She doesn’t even know I was ever pregnant and I don’t know if I could tell her without also telling her the horrible, horrible truth that I wish women couldn’t have abortions. I wish no woman could ever do it, because if they couldn’t then my baby would be here. I wish people would understand that just because the Zoe’s Law mum wanted her baby doesn’t mean some of us didn’t too.

And that if it wasn’t so damn bloody easy to get one and people didn’t fill your head with so many lies about how bad it would be to be a mother then I would have been one by now. It’s like it’s all
about rights to have an abortion, but what about my rights to know how this would feel? What about my rights to not feel pushed into it? When I rang the abortion clinic, and then rang someone they referred me to talk about how bad I felt they just
kept reminding me it was my decision. I know it was. But I also know it wasn’t. If I didn’t know enough about what might happen… If all those people had shut up and given me a chance to think, then it wouldn’t have been my decision… never!!

All this crap about choice is bullshit. I’m sorry but it is. It’s even worse than that but I don’t think you’ll print it. If you are thinking about having an abortion, then you need to think again. That’s your baby and you can do this. Don’t dare let anyone tell you you’re not good enough, or not strong enough. This is no
way to end up.” (Jessica)

These are just two of the stories published in my book Alarmist Gatekeeping. I have heard literally hundreds of similar stories. It takes huge courage to speak them as these women are marginalised, silenced, ridiculed and abandoned.

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