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Child abuse

I thought a long while about how to frame this latest news from Victoria; that children will be locked out of participation in society unless they are double jabbed by 2 months past their 1`2th birthdays.

Putting aside the ludicrous nature of a restriction on unjabbed people AFTER the population supposedly reaches 90% fully jabbed, the idea that 12, 13, 14, 15 or even 16 or 17yr olds should be forced into this medical procedure when there is zero evidence of benefit to them and growing evidence of harm is beyond just cruel.

It is without question abuse. We have heard numerous reports of increases in hospital presentation for self harm among teens as a result of long lockdowns and a fear-mongering media. This move will undoubtedly be experienced even more strongly when it targets only children based on their jab status.

I don't have young children, but I have grandchildren who will in a very short time reach this age. I will not see them segregated out of society or forced to take a jab that may harm them and certainly won't benefit them. I cannot fathom how so many are quiet on this issue.

Will so many be quiet when it is 5 year olds? What about 2 year olds? Everything says that the ONLY purpose in jabbing children is the protection of adults. We are sacrificing children to benefit adults. That is a world I want no part of and will never contribute to. I will fight it with every thing I have.

Today one rationale put forward for jabbing children is to stop them feeling guilty for infecting family members! I feel like my head will explode with the absolute abhorrent reality underlying this; that children are being MADE to feel guilty. That as a society we have allowed our government and media to terrorise us and our children to the extent that children feel responsible for adults.

The government rhetoric is becoming that they ARE responsible for adults by the very idea that their bodies should bare the risk of a jab FOR NO BENEFIT to them at all.

Every day for weeks I have been reviewing and sharing data submitted to the TGA on adverse events in 12-17yr olds of the jab.

I have often literally shaken my head and wondered how many more days I can read these, knowing that behind every report is not a statistic but real people; real children. Quite frankly I don't care if only 1 in 10,000 or 1 in 50,000 children are suffering myocarditis. (it doesn't appear to be that low by the way) I care that for every 10 of them, statistically speaking 5 will die within the next 5 years. I care that for each and every single one of them, a decision was made often on misinformation, a lack of information and a real lack of informed consent. Now such decisions will be made by the parents, or by the children since 12yr olds don't need parental consent, simply so they can visit friends and go to shops!

This marketing pack is the sales pitch for children's jabs and includes the following statement:

Can students aged 12 to 15 consent to their own appointment?
Students aged 12 to 15 can book their own appointment and may be able to consent to vaccination themselves if the health professional assesses them to be a mature minor. This means that the health professional assesses that they understand the information relevant to this decision to be vaccinated and the effect of that decision.

A 'health professional' who meets your child for the first time, in the space of minutes is deemed to be able to assess their maturity better than their own parent can.

A 12 year old child is deemed to be able to understand 'the effects of that decision' when even parents are not being given the information they need to understand.

This has to stop. Seriously. Every tiny step brings us closer and closer to something that has no brakes. Closer to when parents will be considered the abusers of children if they don't jab their kids because it means their kids are kept out of society.

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  1. Duncan Syme

    Excellent article. Sums up the horrendous situation we are in , the immense harm that has. been done and continues to be done to the children teenagers and young adults of the world. Medical ethics have been thrown out with the garbage. However we must continue to fight for their and our freedoms and stop this madness and restore common sense.

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