As the end of the Victorian State of Emergency looms gloriously closer, the government is running a desperate race to keep its power to control every aspect of our lives through the pandemic legislation.

Currently blocked by those who value our freedoms and who have actually listened to the heartache and desperation of those they are employed to serve, it seems negotiations are in full swing to try and maintain some power.

I hope that what I saw on the news last night is a sign that those currently holding power to save us from further tyranny are not bowing to pressure. The news article smacked of desperation as Union bosses were brought out in more attempts to strike terror into the hearts of Victorians; news of overwhelmed hospitals, ambulances backed up and healthcare systems ravaged. It is almost as though they believe that these systems were functioning well before the pandemic.

Each union heavyweight had their own way of framing their support for the pandemic legislation. Not one of them had your interests at heart.

What struck me most was the dismissal of public concerns by Danny Hill representing the Victorian Ambulance Union and the ANMF rep whose name escaped me. On the concerns about a lack of consultation, Hill says,

'Cry me a river, there's a pandemic happening'

The ANMF rep..

'We don't have time for navel gazing'

These are Union reps, people whose ONLY concern should be the representation of their members: all their members, not just the few they agree with. Their attitude to consultation, or representation is to ridicule and dismiss you almost as though Dan has been running some classes in how to do this best.

Huge numbers of organisations representing human rights groups, and legal, health and community groups have expressed serious concern about the legislation and it doesn't take much effort to see that most Victorians are sick of being dictated to and having their lives completely destroyed by this level of power.

We must hope that no other 'deals' are being done to bargain away our absolute rights to freedom in our own countries in order to satisfy the power hungry mob whose primary concern is politics.

We are not 'navel gazers' and we will not be dismissed as irrelevant by the likes of 'Double Astra'd' Danny. We are health professionals, factory workers, nurses, retail workers, paramedics, doctors, builders, lawyers, teachers and parents, and grandparents.

We are Australians with rights to our own bodies and with the responsibility to protect our children from the harm they are being subject to by draconian restrictions that are traumatising so many.

The fear-mongering has silenced so many and has been very successful as a coercive tactic, however there are many more of us who see what is happening and will not be silenced or so easily dismissed.

To those currently voting to give us back our freedom, we are counting on you. Do not let us down.

To the rest of you. Back away. We are a growing force to be reckoned with.