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Dehumanising us piece by piece

I had a long-term friend and colleague tell me that she believes Covid vaccines should be forced.  I suspect there are others in my circle who think the same thing.  I am left wondering whether they fully understand what they are saying.

Forced how?   By removing one's ability to earn an income?  Done.

Should we be denied education?  Done.

Should our children be penalised?  This too is done with children of unvaccinated parents denied preschool attendance.

What about denying essential healthcare? One reliable source has told me his 5yr old child who has special needs is being denied his essential allied health care because he and his wife are choosing not to vaccinate.

If we consider the concept of the slippery slope perhaps my friends and colleagues would be okay with me being fined, arrested, jailed, forcibly jabbed?

If not, why not.. what does forced mean if not ultimately these things?

One part of me thinks they perhaps haven't really thought it through.  Another part of me is terrified that in actual fact they have and would be okay with it. 

Such is the power of fear.

And haven't our governments done well in that department?   We hear Premiers make statements such as,

"I wouldn't want to be in a room with an unvaccinated person"

"This virus will find you and it will kill you"

We are told on a daily basis that if you care about people at all you will be vaccinated, and nobody stops to think about the incongruency of this statement. 

If your vaccination works, what do you have to fear from someone choosing not to have it?

If the Premier is fearful of being in a room with an unvaccinated person, how much confidence does she have in what she is demanding others have injected into them?

Now we see a mandate that children as young as 8 must be masked at all times when in school.  This is such a violation of rights that I cannot fathom the depths to which government will stoop now in order to completely dehumanise us all.

Masks everywhere so nobody can effectively communicate and anxiety levels rise.

Told we cannot comfort the elderly because they might die of a Covid infection so they are left alone and lonely without family for months at a time.

Told we cannot visit our own relatives. Children separated from parents, young and old.

When I mentioned these things to my friend she said 'yes, but Debbie, wouldn't you rather be alive?"

When I immediately said 'no, this isn't living' she turned as though she simply didn't believe me.

Of course I don't want to die right now. I also do not want to live any more of my life having my relationships dictated to me.  I do not trust a government that says I can't visit my older parents, but men can visit a brothel or people can visit an 'intimate partner.'

I most definitely do not trust a government that would insist that children be wearing masks that have no justification in science and serious potential psychological and physical harms.

I am inundated with cries for help from people losing jobs, fearing for their children, feeling hopeless about the future.  Our governments are not supposed to be creating such fear and hopelessness but that is all they have done since Covid hit.

They are stripping us piece by piece of everything that makes us who we are.. our need for contact and relationship.  Our innate pull to protect our children and support our families.  Our fear of a disease that will not kill the vast majority of people.

All the while they are drafting and passing legislation for 'assisted dying'.   If you have a terminal illness and want to die you now have that legal right.  If you choose not to vaccinate with a clinical trial drug, want access to early treatments and want to get on with your life, you will bel locked in your homes, out of your workplaces and segregated from society. 

If I get Covid and die, I will be thankful that I spent my last days fighting a tyranny that I do not want my children and grandchildren to accept or grow up in. 

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  1. Robyn

    So heartbreaking that humanity and especially Australian society is descending to a culture of tyranny, hatred, fear, shame, discrimination, marginalisation and segregation. The voices of so many are being cancelled. It tears at my heart

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