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Denying care

I'm wondering how many Victorians genuinely support refusing medical care to people who have chosen not to vaccinate and whether they would also refuse care to smokers, drunk drivers, drug users, people who didn't wear their bike helmets, people with flu who didn't have their flu shot.. and the list goes on.

The Premier of Victoria thinks he is the arbiter of who is worthy of medical care and if you've chosen not to vaccinate, you're not it..

Emergency calls for ambulances are being delayed or even unanswered, yet it seems the ambulance service could have a solution; that is to bring back the dozens of staff that have been stood down for exercising their right not to vaccinate. These are the same staff who were lauded as heroes last year, who protected themselves effectively with PPE, who were willing to work to serve the public when there were no vaccines.

One has to wonder if one of these unvaccinated healthworkers calls for an ambulance in an emergency, will their former colleagues refuse them care? Have they abandoned all ethics in order to buy into the absolute lies that the vaccinated are somehow a threat to them even though they've had their double, triple, or soon to be quadruple jab?

What is the backroom talk of the union and its members in relation to this issue? Have they lost all concern for the people in dire need in their communities or do they want an efficient service manned with people who stood by them in the trenches for the last 18 months?

Or are they really so fearful that their 'vaccine' may not be a 'vaccine' at all and they might still get infected, they might still end up in hospital and yes, they might still die.. that in order to maintain the artifice of protection they must villify those who didn't make the same 'choice'?

I guess we will only know by the next steps taken. Will the service fill the vacancies left by staff with decades of experience, with fast tracked students, thereby potentially increasing risk? Or will they reassess their position in light of what they deem to be their own code of ethics: that is to uphold informed consent and a person's right to accept or reject medical treatment without coercion.

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  1. Michael Williamson

    Great questions! It really is the ultimate disrespect paid to our tireless hero’s who kept the community safe for the last 20 months. For the crime of exercising their constitutional right to not be part of a “civil conscription” they are thrown on the scrap heap, stripped of the vital role they play in the community, and now threatened with being excluded from the health system they once served with dignity and pride. This is really shameful.

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