It is interesting that we don't interrogate the 'beliefs' or values of the LEFT on issues we deem important when they take on professional roles unrelated to such beliefs.

But woe to those who dare hold a Christian faith or any conservative values.. now considered DANGEROUS, when once not all that long ago considered the norm.

I don't care for sport, nor pay much attention to it. The most I know about sport is how much it has irritated me lately that the sportspeople are such sooks that they cry when being unsulted and it makes headline news... geez boys.. grow a pair for goodness sakes...

But I digress. The fact that a man who holds particular values and has demonstrated that such values have NO negative impact on his professionalism can be forced out of a job by media misrepresentation of who he is as a professional person is an utter disgrace.

More disgraceful in my book is why I haven't seen a single church leader speak out on this issue.

Of course someone has to ask the question.. what if the man was of the Islamic faith? Would the media dare to question the controversial and dangerous beliefs to be found there?

Today it is this Christian man. Tomorrow it will be you. If you think you are safe because you toe the line today, the minute you step out of line or the ideology changes, rest assured you'll be as maligned as the rest. It's a given #alarmistgatekeeping