.. as long as it persuades you to agree to the ideology.

From Alarmist Gatekeeping (pp 19-20)

Another oft-repeated statement that is both misleading and alarmist is how much safer abortion is than childbirth.

“She told me it would be safer than having a baby.
I’m pretty sure she told me that having the abortion would be ten times safer than staying pregnant or giving birth or something like that. What she didn’t say, and what I didn’t think of in my panic to just get it all over with is that if I stayed pregnant, I would actually have a baby and that maybe that risk would be worth it.“ (Lena)

When stated by 'Experts', it has added power regardless of the fact that there is credible evidence to support the opposite assertion; childbirth is safer than abortion.16 One Expert, an obstetrician/gynaecologist in a regional area of Australia, has stated several times publicly in the media that “abortion is 100 times safer than childbirth.” While actively Disinforming in this way, he concurrently accuses Dissidents of being misleading and alarmist when they express concerns about the potential adverse effects of abortion.

“Anti-abortion groups will often claim women aren’t warned of the risks but neglect to state that abortion at any gestation is safer than childbirth.” “Abortion is much safer than a vaginal delivery, and infinitely safer than a caesarean. We still see
women who die in childbirth in Australia. People haven’t got that possibility even in their mind.”

It is worth considering whether the impact of Disinformation
about the relative safety of abortion versus childbirth provides
reassurance to women who have already decided on abortion or whether it further alarms those who are undecided.

“I was already pretty scared about having a baby. My friend’s mum died after she had my friend’s sister. My friend and I were six at the time and I always imagined it as a horrifying blood bath with lots of screaming even though I have no idea what really happened. When he told me this [the abortion] would be safer than having a baby, all I had in my head was the screaming I’d imagined.” (Naomi)