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Fear driven ‘choice’

Almost two years ago I published my book Alarmist Gatekeeping: Abortion which is the result of my PhD research on abortion discourse in Australia.  The theory of Alarmist Gatekeeping which was developed has been applied internationally to other areas of controversial or ideological subjects such as gender ideology, gendered narratives of domestic violence and adoption.

It is through this lens that I have watched Covid politics and ideology take over our entire world and lead our country down a path of what can only be considered tyrannical at this point.  We have lost what government calls our freedoms and what I would argue are our human rights, including the right to connect with our families, comfort the dying, keep our jobs and move freely in our communities.

On the surface, in the beginning most people complied.  We didn't know what was happening and we were scared of this virus that was a danger to all of our lives.  We wanted to do everything we could to save ourselves and those we loved. We became well-conditioned through that fear to the loss of our former lives and selves an very quickly accepted that only the government could keep us safe from this deadly threat.

The process of converting the population and entire generations over the a 'pro-choice' positioning was achieved slowly over time.  My research found that the selective use of disinformation and effective censorship of information means the majority remain unaware that most women seek abortion because of a lack of resources or support and that millions suffer after such a decision.  

One imagines that regardless of ideological positioning on such a polarising issue as abortion, that there would be a common ground in concern for women who might not experience abortion as a choice but as a coerced option.  This is not the case.  Those who adhere most strongly to the promotion of a position must override any sense within themselves of what it means to have choice and prioritise the 'principle' above everything.  In the case of abortion it is the principle of abortion availability that is deemed more important than whether it's availability actually serves the purpose of rights or whether people's rights are impinged upon as a result.

What we now know from the process of Alarmist Gatekeeping is that its effectiveness can be achieved very quickly as long as we use fear as the foundation.  Creating a sense of fear in people helps to over ride their ability to cognitively process information effectively and subsequent filtering of information becomes a fight or flight response for survival.   The existence of a potentially life-threatening virus is a perfect environment for Alarmist Gatekeeping to work very quickly as we have seen.

I am witnessing every element of Alarmist Gatekeeping in the Covid discourse… ostensibly about uniting us all 'we're all in this together' but instead creating the greatest divisions I have seen in a society in my lifetime.  

As seen in other areas where this process is rife, the voices of those most marginalised by the dominating view are censored out by denigrating those who speak, threatening them to be silent and by the pervasive messaging from multiple sources that create a sense of isolation. People feel like they might be the only ones asking questions or not complying.

Alarmist Gatekeeping consists of two overarching processes, Alarmist Recruitment whereby people are recruited to the cause through alarm, fear, and disinformation on the basis of some kind of important principle, and Perspective Gatekeeping where information that isn't consistent with the preferred dominant view is censored and people who try to deliver that information are denigrated, threatened and marginalised.  

The purpose of this writing is to expose the process of what is happening and to give a platform for the actual majority whose voices are currently being silenced.  Just as with the issue of abortion, it is not my intention, nor my practise to shame or criticise those who think differently or have made their own best decisions.  I have supported dozens of women over many years who have struggled with abortion decisions or sought support for working through grief after abortion.  I know many friends, family and colleagues who have decided to have Covid vaccines, making their own best decisions  This is not about them, although even people who have already vaccinated may be able to build a better understanding of their position by understanding what is happening.

If you are questioning the loss of your freedoms, you are not alone.

If you are concerned or fearful about the coercive nature of vaccine mandates, you are not alone.

If you are feeling like you are not getting all the information you need you are correct and you are not alone.

There are a growing number of groups of professionals who are seeking each other out for support as their workplaces begin instituting mandated vaccines.  Many of these people face losing their jobs, for some their lifetime careers.  The majority I am involved in are health professional groups; people who were celebrated as heroes working on our front lines at a time when we didn't have vaccines.  The same people who are now being called selfish, told they should 'choose' vaccine or be considered unethical and uncaring and who are now being told they will be sacked for not making the right 'choice'. 

Those who join the groups are often still afraid of speaking, are experiencing significant pressure or even workplace bullying.  There will be many more out there who still think they are alone and may succumb to coercive pressure to preserve their jobs and care for their families.  The trauma of such coerced decisions will be huge as are the consequences for those who hold the line and find themselves ostracised and jobless.  

Choosing not to vaccinate

People are choosing not to vaccinate for a variety of reasons, none of which they should need to provide nor defend if in fact vaccination is a free and autonomous decision.   Some people are concerned about side effects of vaccines that have no long-term safety data. When they balance potential harm against potential personal risk from Covid they decide the risk benefit of vaccination is not in their favour. This is how all medical decisions are made.  Vaccine decisions in particular have very specific criteria whereby valid consent must be obtained.

On the issue of consent the Australian Immunisation Handbook states: (highlights my own)

2.1.3 Valid consent

For consent to be legally valid, the following elements must be present:

1. It must be given by a person with legal capacity, and of sufficient intellectual capacity to understand the implications of being vaccinated.

2. It must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation.

3. It must cover the specific procedure that is to be performed.

4. It can only be given after the potential risks and benefits of the relevant vaccine, risks of not having it and any alternative options have been explained to the individual.

It is beyond my understanding how any government or workplace that mandates this vaccination against the balance of a person's individual risk assessment can consider valid consent has been achieved.  Coercion that involves the loss of a person's employment, or in the case of current State Premier's threats, the loss of ability to even move about one's community and access services does away with any ethical approach to consent.

Having access to full information about vaccines and about true risks of Covid becomes restricted when the distribution of such information is so tightly controlled through censorship.   AHPRA, Australia's registration board for the health professions has threatened people with disciplinary action if they do not absolutely support the government's approach to vaccine rollout.  Some doctors have come out and said they have been told by their professional bodies that they must not in any way deter or advise any patient not to vaccinate. This kind of threatening behaviour is the same that silences so many health professionals on other issues.

The language that health professionals can use is being manipulated in many countries with the American Medical Association releasing a messaging guide for doctors on how to change their language which includes such things as changing:

Instead of 'hospitalisation rates' use 'deaths'

Instead of 'government' use 'public health agencies'

Among many more.  Simply considering this first one.. deaths instead of hospitalisation rates would of course be completely inaccurate.  Many more people are hospitalised than die and such a distortion of facts is designed to manipulate and create fear, a coercion rich environment for achieving one's aim.    While this document is American, I am hearing a change in the language to match what is in this document here in Australia as well.  It is well worth looking through it so that you can begin to identify the ways in which language is being manipulated to promote an agenda rather than to fully inform.

Of interest to note, is that when I attempted to share this document on Twitter, I received a message to say it could not be posted as it was considered 'dangerous', such is the power of censorship that is occurring.

One group I am watching is sharing whistleblower stories of people working in our healthcare system.  The contributors are anonymous in the sharing, but fully verified before publication.  Many tell their stories to explain why they are not 'choosing' vaccination for themselves even though it risks their jobs.  This is just a small selection of them:

Community Nurse

I am seeing and caring for adversely affected clients who have had the vaccines and are quite literally dying. Our palliative care is increasing at an exponential rate, people are getting diagnosed with terminal conditions and dying quickly. We (community nurses) are seeing 2-3 palliative clients per day each, this is a massive increase from 1-2 each per week. Other palliative clients who haven’t been vaxxed, then their families talk them into the vax, die more quickly than expected.

Have noted that those who are vaxxed that their clinically ‘weak’ areas are being exacerbated. Appears to be at 3, 5 then 12 week patterned intervals. Not one of them associate with the C19vax.

Had one man in his 70’s in very stable remission with leukemia for years. Within 3 weeks of having ‘the vaccine’ his white cell count dropped so he had neutropenia. He suddenly developed in 24 hours bilateral cellulitis to both legs up to thighs. 9 weeks later, he is dead.

Those with rheumatoid arthritis  who have been jabbed experiencing related consistency of flare ups. Getting all sorts of skin infections for no obvious reasoning. They’re having constant medication reviews and increasing analgesia.

3 x clients with healing venous ulcers, all 3 had the jab, 3 weeks later all developed septicemia all with hard to treat bacteria.

Those with cardiac conditions who were clinically stable on medication for years, suddenly no longer stable. Arrhythmias, unstable blood pressure,  syncope, falls, increased hospitalisations.

Cancers: seeing massive increase in skin cancers. They’re growing very quickly and aggressively.

Cognition: clients who have been vaxxed and predisposed to some memory issues, increasing episodic bouts of confusion with accompanying amnesia and increasing STML.

Of my nursing colleagues who have been vaxxed, noticing increasing sick leave being taken.

Emergency Nurse

I work in Emergency Department as an admin clerk at triage and I can tell you the reason I will not be having this vaccine is that every third or fourth patient is coming in with an adverse reaction.

Some complaining that their heart is beating so hard and is squeezing out of their chest, I’ve seen vision changes, numbness , skin problems , cellulitis young men and women diagnosed with pericarditis myocarditis, clots , tumors even my colleagues have had Bell’s palsy there is so much more.

What amazes me with all this is that no one can see it! Young patients being told it’s just anxiety 😥, nurses at triage rolling their eyes saying things like “can’t they just stay home and take a panadol” !

Then to top it all off our double jabbed nurses at triage test positive to Covid and are admitted and are sick but they are saying “at least I’m vaccinated I could have been a lot worse”, there are 5 unvaccinated clerks at the front desk at triage and we have worked through this pandemic but now we are a danger to the other other staff

UNBELIEVABLE! So we now have received the letter saying no jab no job we’ve got till the 30th 😟 Also would like to add the influx of nursing home patients that are coming in is ridiculous, falls vertigo generally declining quickly after jab, I’m not a medical person but I can see what’s going on it’s very sad 😞

Student Nurse

I’ve had several people walk into the hospital with flaring pains all over their body, on my last shift there were 9 patients who whispered to me that they were sure that their condition was caused by the COVID vaccine they got but they were afraid to tell the registered nurse for fear of being ostracised. They got the jab because everyone else was getting it rather then making the decision for medical treatment.

I have seen many nurses and doctors laughing about these people in the break room. Calling these patients Anti-vaxers and wishing they could kick them out for the real patients in need. I told my student supervisor and the nurses stopped talking about it when I was on break but I have the feeling they still had those conversations behind my back.

Aged Care Nurse who has already lost her job

I am (was) a Registered Nurse in Aged Care in NSW. I was terminated from my job there over a week ago now for declining the jab.  The facility had a covid clinic where the masses received Pfizer.

On the day as they had left over stock the staff were then offered jabs which many of them didn't feel comfortable but got because the management where there on the day saying things like "come on just get it, don't be ridiculous, if you can't trust the science what can you trust" one staff member declined twice, the third time she was pushed into getting it (all on the same day) I seen this as pure bullying and coercion, she submitted and got the jab.

The next day a resident died (nobody batted an eyelid) within three days post jab another two residents died. Over the course of the next three weeks we lost in total 6 residents all who had significantly declined overall and not to mention a lot of other residents declining overall and becoming unwell.

The second jab clinic, within the first week, we had five people end up in hospital who then died, shortness of breath, heart issues, others the residence getting rashes not being able to lift their arm up, acting as delirious state, within the next week after that another 5 residents died.

In total within the 3 months roll out of the jab, we had 14 deaths of vaccinated residents.

In a nursing home with 90 residents most of the staff are commenting on how unheard of this amount of death was but when questioned in relation to the jab many were in denial stating it couldn't be from that.

Over the course of three months watching the staff who had been injected so many staff off on sick leave a few staff members ended up in the hospital one for heart reasons the other one had blistering rashes all over her body she ended up being admitted twice, mass reports of headaches lasting days to weeks, dizziness, just generally reporting to not feeling right since having it. The fear in the eyes of the staff is something I will never forget. Other staff feeling completely deflated as they could lose there jobs and had to submit to the jab, In which some after were crying to me at how much they just felt defeated. I have many things to say in relation to this, I could write a novel.

I know just within the week and a half of not being there they are struggling to fill shifts, which sadly impacts on everyone, residents and staff the only people it doesn't effect is the management.

I love being a nurse but I just can't do it in this current situation it no longer aligns with what I believe health to be. It is a sad and devastating time.

Registered Nurse

I have a young colleague, also a nurse who did not want the vaccine.

Due to the mandate she got the shots. After her first shot she had searing pain down her arm. Unrelenting pain. After her second shot, she was bedridden for an entire week. She could not sit up straight. She was so sick, unable to move and constant chest pain.

After the week of being bedridden she returned to work with chest pain. She finally has been admitted to hospital with myocarditis.

She is early 20’s. Before the vaccines she was healthy with nil health issues. Now she has cardiac issues and may need medication for the rest of her life.

Each day we are seeing the emergency department full of patients with stroke, Pulmonary embolisms, cardiac arrhythmias, Myocarditis, endocarditis. The increase of strokes is exponentially growing. Patient after patient with PE’s, cardiac issues. Most in previously healthy patients. Doctors are denying connections to the vaccines.

These are just the tip of the iceberg.  I will keep publishing them.  If you have a story you want shared anonymously please contact me.

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  1. Dee

    School Admin soon to lose my job.

    There is so much information available , some true, some not, and some withheld but if there is just 1 ounce of medical truth against this vaccine, well that’s enough for me, any risk no matter how slight is still a risk. When the language of “health officials/government/media” becomes more desperate and coercive, it makes me feel something is not right and I dig my heels in further, umms and ahhs, blundering responses and body language can tell you more than what comes out of their mouth. Are any of them proud to show us their 2x vax on their phones each time they are interviewed, this would give “encouragement” to the public but no, just threats of you can’t do this or that. The ripple effect on people’s lives/freedom/economy is the real sickness, Covid is not the main concern its gone way beyond that. While there is upset and unrest within our country and our focus remains on dobbing in a neighbour or too concerned about who can picnic with who, there are more sinister forces developing in the world which we should be watching. Please look outside the bubble.

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