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Fear will kill people

This morning I listened with mounting fury to a NSW MP say that unvaccinated people should have to pay for their own medical care if they get covid because of their own choices. He went on to say that of course vaccinated people should get medical care because they are entitled to it.

If lock downs, family isolation, mask wearing, loss of jobs, loneliness and loss of jobs are not enough to scare people along with the many times State Premiers have uttered words similar to

"This virus will hunt you down and it WILL kill you"

.. now they want to add that you WILL die without help or support.

So many people are already scared out of their minds with all the fear-mongering. People are not being told there are specific risk factors for serious Covid outcomes some of which can be controlled. Governments have banned early treatments and people are told they can do nothing at all except wait at home, sometimes totally alone, until they get so sick they fear death and then they can call an ambulance. Unvaccinated people are scared to reach out for support when they need it and they will be even more so now.

This is all so very wrong and at some time in the future our children, grandchildren or maybe great grandchildren are going to look back on this with absolute horror.

The government is also implementing a jab program for small children for whom Covid poses very little risk because they believe risking children's health is worth it to save adults.

Well I don't. The majority of adults don't need 'saving' from Covid and NO child should EVER have their health or in fact their life risked for the benefit of an adult. The fact that we are jabbing teenagers who are developing potentially very severe and possibly life-limiting cardiac conditions and nobody seems to be batting an eyelid is extremely disturbing.

These reports should have been investigated and results made public by now. The TGA has acknowledged the link between myocarditis and pericarditis and vacciness. They have stated that the risk is higher in the teenage population. Yet they are failing, at great cost to those teens and their families, by not investigating the adverse event reports as a matter of urgency AND making the outcomes public.

Whether you are vaccinated or not none of this should be okay with you.

It is NOT an anti-vax position to express concerns about adverse events or about the mental health harms of isolating and segregating people let alone forcing people to lose decades long careers, or forcing them to take medical interventions they do not want in order to put food on the table!

It is a reprehensible position to continue these processes, to encourage discrimination and to terrorise people. The statement of any prominent person that non vaccinated people should be discriminated against in any area of life, especially in the access of health care which is the right of every person should be strongly condemned by those with such decision making power. Immediately.

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  1. Paul

    Very well said Debbie. Who pays of all the people in hospital due to adverse reactions?? Who pays for the obese, smokers, and drunks?

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