I'm seeing some incredibly disturbing tweets in the last couple of days. One mother talked about her child coming to her questioning their sexuality (after a traumatic event). The mother responds with empathy, understanding and acceptance telling her child they have a long time to figure such things out.

Good parenting right?

Apparently not when your only agenda is to promote 'diversity' and call anyone who disagrees with you a transphobe/homophobe.

This parent, and all those who supported her have been condemned by the woke brigade, some suggesting the mother has abused her child by not accepting the 'truth' of their stated sexual preference.

What kind of world are we living in when we allow such hyper-sexualisation of our children without calling out what it actually looks like... Such an interest in children... CHILDREN... being allowed.. or even encouraged.. to 'identify' with a sexuality or sexual preference sometimes even before they've hit puberty. Doesn't it remind you of something?

Our children are paying a hefty price for our silence on this issue; some with mutilating surgeries, hormonal interventions to stop their normal human development, most with hyper-sexualised concepts that they cannot process at such young ages.

How many are going to keep standing by while this happens? How many are going to continue to be more afraid of the consequences for themselves than they are for the consequences to the children?

When did we, as adults, decide our own comfort was worth more than the safety and wellbeing of our children?

Step up. Call it out.