I've just read an article on planned parenthood marketing abortion as a voluntary miscarriage, which is not only incredibly misleading, but is also offensive to women who have experienced an actual miscarriage.  This is just another way in which abortion providers seek to misinform and manipulate women through the use of euphemisms and it seems, outright lies. 

If abortion truly is just another medical procedure that is no big deal, why the need for inaccurate, misleading and manipulative language. 

Take this site for example… from a New York based clinic.    These providers tell women that,  'It's comforting to know that you're ending a pregnancy before you would even know if it's viable'.   They not only misleadingly discuss abortion as 'releasing your late period' and inducing a miscarriage, their misinformation about foetal development is astounding. 

They inform a woman that her 'early pregnancy' consists of 'tissue similar to your menstrual tissue and a bubble of fluid called the gestational sac.  The pregnancy itself is invisible.’  So now we have invisible pregnancies?   Apart from the obvious error of the use of the word ‘pregnancy’ which is a state of being, not a noun…   the correctly termed foetus is hardly invisible.

In fact, they are either so lacking in even the most fundamental knowledge of human foetal development, or so intent on misleading women in order to profit from their anxiety, that they go on to say that it isn’t until 7 weeks that ‘cells start to cluster inside the sac’ and that an early visible embryo ‘begins to form’ around 10 weeks. 

In actual fact, by only 6 weeks, early tooth formation is occurring in the embryo, within a formed cranium and by 9 weeks, ultrasound has shown an unborn foetus yawning!  Hardly a ‘few cells beginning to form.  I feel pretty confident that I wouldn't be letting any doctor near me who clearly lacked the most basic understanding of human anatomy and physiology!

Regardless of which side of the ideological spectrum you sit on, it is difficult to justify the level of deceit that women are subject to.