This latest example of many of the ridiculous attempts to de-genderise the population borders on offensive. The concept that gender preferences or innate gender differences can have no basis in biology does not hold up to much scrutiny. Perhaps those who hold to such a concept need to consider the ways they are being socialised to believe that gender 'difference' creates inequality and therefore needs to be eradicated. It's a mistake the radical feminist movement made when it deemed that in order for women to be 'equal' they had to be more like men, instead of holding to the ideals of original feminists who valued women and the qualities they hold.

It shouldn't surprise anybody that the political party best known for its attempt to wipe out all of humanity through abortion, euthanasia and de-genderising is now appealing to parents not to buy 'gender based' presents for children for Christmas.

Most parents will tell you that children tend to show strong preferences very early on, and most of them tend toward what would be considered gender stereotypes.. so perhaps we should be entertaining the idea that some of these could in fact, be innate?

My 2 eldest grandchildren were born only 16mths apart.  Liam, now 4 loves planes, cars and football.  He prefers to play rough and is very much a little boy.  However, his favourite toy at age 2 was his 'baby', a doll and I bought him a pram to push baby around in for his 2nd birthday.  Whilst baby still occasionally gets a look in, he is more likely to be found clutching an aeroplane as he falls asleep now.

His sister,  Zoe, 3 loves Liam, and everything Liam loves.   She also loves fairies and she absolutely must pick her own clothes and will change ten times a day into a different frilly dress, sometimes topped off with her Hawks football jersey.  She loves to brush hair and her favourite colour is pink.. or sometimes purple.

Their dad is a nurse, their mum (my daughter), a paramedic, not gender stereotypical jobs. They share parenting and household duties relatively equally.   The children spend little time in front of the television and have been allowed, and encouraged to develop their own interests.   Their interests happen to fit within what the Greens' call gender stereotypes.   This may be the case, however what message are we sending little boys and girls, or men and women for example when we tell them there is something wrong with what they desire, and with who they are?   What are we saying to little girls if we tell them they should prefer to play with cars, not dolls, instead of teaching them to be proud of their unique strengths and qualities?

I don't want any of my children or grandchildren to be ashamed of who they are, that includes their gender.  I want them to love and value who they are, gender qualities included..