The censorship saga continued *sigh*.

It really does amaze me that in this age of 'tolerance' that it is unlikely that you can expect any such tolerance or acceptance for offering your own perspective if it doesn't fit the dominant discourse.    I presumed it was all over.. back to normal... then I wake to one of those messages that simply reiterates all the bullying accusations that went before.. from the person who had offered the 'kind of an apology'.

I must say I also was pleasantly surprised by messages from three more people who had watched the drama unfold and who wanted to offer their support.. just not publicly.  This is how the bullying, censoring and discrediting works so effectively... others watch the price paid for speaking and decide it is too high to endure for themselves.   I don't blame people for this.  It isn't painless that's for sure.

Anyway, now the censoring is permanent.. from that forum anyway.  I've been more permanently banned!  I guess I could wear it as a badge of honour nowadays.   It would be more satisfying if they hadn't also deleted the entire thread after banning me... yes.. the insiders pro-actively shared their outrage and update with me...  because at least that way people would see examples of exactly how unhealthy that particular academic environment is.

Speaking up has a price.  Not just for the person who speaks, but for all those who remain silent.  It is the silence that allows such cycles to continue.

The strategies of bait and discredit are powerful.

Fortunately for me, it is all great data for my current paper.  It was my Alarmist Gatekeeping theory in action right before my eyes.   Such great affirmation, even if leaving me a little worse for wear!