This little gem should alarm every parent... and every teenager... if only they knew the danger it represented.    This article the plans of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to remove such terrible barriers as parents so 'youth' have free and unfettered access to both contraception and abortion.

'Youth' in UNFPA speak includes children as young as 10.  They suggest that 'safe abortion care' is a necessary need of young people, and suggest that they 'particularly need' access to emergency contraception.   The reason?

"... because they use relatively ineffective methods (of contraception), do not use anything at all, or are more susceptible to coerced sex."

Read that last bit carefully.   'They are more susceptible to coerced sex.'  So to address the issue of the increasing incidence of young women experiencing coercion around sex, the UNFPA want to offer emergency contraception and abortion.  

As a young teen, I was subject to more than my share of coerced, unwanted and forced sex.  I can tell you that the very last thing I thought I needed then was someone to provide me with abortions or emergency contraception.  What I needed was more adult intervention, not less. 

How about we educate young women about the value of sex, rather than commence the sexualisation of them as young girls so that they perceive sex as just another recreational activity, or something they give to boys in order to be valued.  

How about we educate young men that it is NEVER okay to force, or coerce young women into sexual activity by any means. 

Parents need to wake up and demand the right to actually provide their children with essential parenting before they lose all rights and children become completely lost.