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Segregation or freedom

I live on a State border. Today I can enter any shop for any reason across the border. From Monday I will only be allowed entry to 'essential' shops: supermarkets and pharmacies. I will not legally be able to work in my profession in either State.
I am great at my job. My client base has grown through word of mouth. I love working with them. Together with a client we do great things that enable them to move productively forward in their lives.

Tell me how exercising my human right to decline a clinical trial drug should mean the end of this aspect of my work and deny me many forms of other work and entry to public spaces.
I will not be able to take my children to a museum in the city, or to the zoo or the State Library. If I had young children they would be denied entry to pre-school education.

Even as I am writing these things I am shocked by truth of it and how quickly my freedoms have been stolen and how complacent about it so many have become.

I respect the decisions people make in balancing their own risks and benefits and choosing what is right for them. I feel very sad for the very many people I know, both personally and professionally who have cried many anguished tears when finally 'choosing' the 'jab' because they couldn't see any way out.

I find myself filled with horror and shame for the things that people are capable of doing to each other and both fearful of and furious about the world left to my children and grandchildren. One where fear reigns and it has become acceptable to terrorise and segregate. I do not understand so many of the people I know, regardless of their personal decisions regarding vaccination, not being as outraged at what is happening to those around them.

Is this seriously the world you want?

People forced to die alone without comfort of their loved ones?

Families reprimanded by government for visiting one another when our desperate human needs for connection and comfort over ride our capacity to continue on alone?

It isn't the one I want to leave behind and I will fight to my dying breath to ensure that my children and grandchildren have their freedom.

The worst thing about that last statement is that I've heard people suggest people 'like me' should die breathless.. without medical help... hopefully suffering more than most for my 'thoughtlessness'... all while sitting smugly with their vaccination that clearly provides no measure of comfort if they continue to fear this virus so much that they wish people dead of it.

Perhaps humanity really is beyond redemption after all.


  1. Robyn

    I sobbed when reading your words and have been feeling heartbroken at the division being created in my country. Your words express exactly the way I feel.
    I find the very idea of segregation and medical apartheid to be completely abhorrent and cannot believe how very many of my lifelong friends (I’m 56) are supporting the governments introduction of state ordered apartheid. Absolutely shattered right now

  2. Jon

    Its incredible how far this has gone and how easy it has been for the majority to fall in. Echoes of bad history are playing out in our time now.

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