Over the past few short weeks we have seen healthcare workers not just falling from the pedestal of public acclaim, but pushed off and trampled underfoot. From cries of how selfless and brave they are to sacrifice to care for people during the Covid crisis to cries of 'selfish', 'shouldn't be in healthcare' and even 'scum'. The latter directed at healthcare workers who are exercising their human right to refuse a vaccine that has no long term safety data and those who are advocating that every person should have the right to choose freely. Not all of those calling for a stop to mandated vaccination have decided not to vaccinate. There are huge numbers who chose vaccination who still stand for the human right of individuals to choose the medical interventions for their own bodies.

Yesterday this article was published in the Herald Sun with the headline, "Ambo's anti-mandatory jab stance investigated". Paramedic Jessica Davis was named and shamed for the terrible crime of:
"...a series of social media posts in which she criticises the mandatory vax requirement for ambulance workers."

She was quoted as having stated,
“I'm pro vaccine, just under voluntary conditions, that's all,”

“I feel if you make anything voluntary, you'll have more people accepting it, if people are coerced, they back right off. We're going nowhere fast.

“Maybe … they don't want to gamble with a 'rare' adverse reaction. I think that's fair enough and doesn't need to be any further justified.

"Where there is a 'rare' risk there must be choice."

Shocking right? A healthcare worker who has been trained to a high standard of ethical and professional conduct around issues of consent is making statements on social media that she believes the ethics of consent is fundamental to decision making about Covid vaccines.

Hundreds of healthcare workers including paramedics, nurses and doctors who agree with her are then dismissed as 'an unwanted headache in key areas as Victoria moves out of lockdown.'

Jessica will now face potential disciplinary action from AHPRA the health regulatory body that has gagged all healthcare workers from speaking anything that doesn't totally support the government line.. which of course we know can change from day to day.

If she has chosen not to vaccinate she also now faces the loss of her job along with hundreds like her in Victoria from every sector.

When government tells you to talk to your doctor about vaccines as a way to alleviate your concerns it is important that you fully understand what that means. Doctors, like paramedics and any other person whos profession is regulated by AHPRA are not allowed to dissent from government mandated views. They are not allowed to hold an opinion that upholds the highest of ethical standards such as informed consent. They face disciplinary action if they do anything other than tell you to vaccinate regardless of your personal risk factors.

Right now in Victoria thousands of people are being coerced into a medical intervention they don't want or face the loss of their livelihoods. It isn't just the health sector affected but every person who works in a factory, on a construction site or in their own private consulting business. It isn't a matter of being able to just get another job. There are no jobs to move to where vaccination isn't mandated unless you work for a commonwealth department or in the judiciary or parliament.
There is growing evidence that efficacy from current vaccines wanes pretty quickly and people all over the world are already having 'boosters'. Boosters are not new kinds of vaccine as someone suggested to me this week.. believing her booster was the newest and therefore 100% effective against Delta.

In Israel all those considered vaccinated have had that status revoked. If your last jab was more than 6 months ago you join the ranks of the unvaccinated and have your rights restricted.
The frantic rush to buy more vaccines will continue as Australia will inevitably follow this path instead of investing in more effective vaccines and early treatments.

Instead of our focus being on drawing people together, continuing to be proud of those who sacrifice to care for others, our governments have instituted segregation of 'vaxxed' and 'unvaxxed', and created a divisiveness unlike any other in my lifetime.

They are also not just allowing, but encouraging the personal and professional destructino of those who simply want to ask questions, fight for your rights and make choices for themselves.

Alarmist Gatekeeping at its finest and most horrendous.