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Today I had a win. 

Not a 'hooray, yay, I won' kind of win. 

More like a quiet 'that was worthwhile and I'm so thankful' kind of win.

I recently found myself censored in a research forum.  I had assumed because of a reply I had given on gender issues, but I wasn't positive as nobody had the courtesy to contact me or respond to my queries.  I simply had to wait out the banishment of 8 long days.  While I waited, I posted to a separate forum about the censorship in academia.. and guess what?  

Yep... censored there too.

I shouldn't be surprised.  After all my entire PhD research culminated in a theory that includes what a necessary and powerful tool censorship is for those who want to control what we think, say and do.  

PhD theory

It was however, disappointing.

So I waited..  8 days.. then posted my question... why was I censored and by whom?

This elicited a long and highly participatory forum discussion where the majority were concerned about the censorship, some excuses were made, an apology proffered although one that at least initially was somewhat conditional, and quite a number of private messages sent to me in support.

Another member wrote of her own experience of the courage it took to speak up in opposition to a dominant discourse issue in a very public way.. the collective sighs of relief she heard from those around her and the private messages of support she received.   She has courage.  I would like to think that perhaps my speaking up, helped her to do so as well.

You see.. this is what it takes.. one person at a time, to speak up.  Have courage.   Those of us with less to risk may have to be the first.  That's okay.   I am happy to pave the way.  If you can support me privately but not publicly that is awesome. 

I hope though that at some point you will see that there are enough of us that you do not have to be so afraid. 


  1. Donna

    Nobody had the “courtesy”? Are you aware of the meaning of that word?
    Polite, respectful, or considerate in manner. You are non of those things, when you judge and shame others for their own personal choices. Judging someone does not define who they are, it defines who you are. Please don’t confuse the vilification of people based on your own bigoted beliefs as “courage” to “speak up”.

    • Debbie Garratt

      Hello Donna, I see you’ve been watching my work so I expect you will find it easy to provide evidence of where I’ve judged or shamed any person for their personal choices, or that I have ever demonstrated any kind of bigotry.

      You have no doubt also seen this one which I know will be of interest to you: http://debbiegarratt.com/discredit-attempt/

      Of course the update to that is that no foundation for the complaints was found. It is strange when people presume clients are treated in a particular way if they’ve never been one especially in a 30yr private practice which operates purely on word of mouth referrals, there has never been a single complaint from a client.

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