I am a woman
I posted support of a position against the current shocking erasure of women being driven by gender ideology on my facebook page. I was asked questions.. which is great. I love questions, even more so when I have to actually think about what I think in order to answer them.
I was also responded to by the parent of a trans-child. This is my response to her.
"Most people who are either gender confused, gender exploring or who have definitively decided they are transgender are not seeking to erase women. In fact those who are most ferociously attacking womanhood by attempts (and successes) to change language pertaining specifically to biological women, change laws, and remove any women only places, are as much a threat to your trans daughter as they are to women in general.
There are groups of trans gender people who are outraged at these actions. They say it paints them all in this terrible light. There are also growing numbers of men and women who have undergone extreme medical and surgical interventions to try to create themselves in a new sex only to discover it just doesn't work, or they changed their minds, or they are just as unhappy if not more so than they were before.
We know that more than 90% of gender exploring/confused/convinced children and teenagers decide they are their own biological sex by the time they get through puberty, yet today we have children being given puberty blockers. This is a terrible abuse.
We know that developmentally children and teenagers can't make effective decisions that involve understanding of long term consequences. We don't even allow them to legally get tattoos until they are 18, but we allow them to have mastectomies?
There is a bigger ideological agenda afoot that doesn't care about your trans child and it isn't trans-phobic to call it out"
What I didn't then go on to say was that while it isn't trans-phobic, it absolutely puts you in the line of fire by often vicious and determined idealogues whose only aim is to silence you.  Saying 'women are women' and seeking to retain language that is pertinent to women is today seen as an attack.
Women have long been told to roll over and acquiesce and be silent. On this issue, if we do these things, we will not only not be heard, we will cease to exist in our own language, in our own laws, in our own right.
We must speak on this issue. Laws have already been implemented that change language to exclude terms related to women. Men have infiltrated women's sports. Even doctors refer to pregnant 'people'.  Of all the things that have always, scientifically, biologically and socially, been the domain of women it is child-bearing yet we are even being erased from this.
Wake up both men and women to this insidious, misogynistic campaign against us or we will all lose in the end, including trans people.