There is nothing more glaringly obvious than the blatant inconsistencies underpinning ideological movements. This was clearly exposed in the abortion discourse in my research whereby those most vocal about 'rights' of women are also most likely to actively lobby against information and supports being provided to women.

We see these same inconsistencies in equally alarming and dangerous ways in discussions around gender. This post both saddened me and made me acutely aware of how nowadays if we can simply ‘feel’ our way into being another sex then we are ultimately nothing at all.

In which case, how is there anything other than who we are to aspire to? If women don’t actually objectively exist based on biology how can a man ‘feel’ like one? If a lesbian must desire a person with a penis who 'identifies' as a female lesbian, what makes a lesbian at all? And why can't the person identifying as other than their biological sex be told to simply ‘feel’ themselves to conform to their biology? The latter makes a lot more social, cultural and scientific sense.

I am a woman. My sexual attractions don't make me anything other than a woman regardless of what they are. I am not 'cis' anything. I don't 'identify' as the sex I was proclaimed at birth. I AM that sex. Biology matters.

We are now teaching children that even biology is irrelevant, that they can be whatever they feel. Mind you, they still can't get their ears pierced without parental permission, or a tattoo until they reach 18 in most states. In fact, they can't even be given a paracetamol in school without a parent signature but they can be assisted to 'socially transition' to another sex without parental knowledge or permission.

The world is indeed out of control and more people need to speak out in order to slow or stop the spread of this sterilising and dehumanising language.