In 47 days between 13 September, 2021 and 30 October, 2021 there were 74 reports to the TGA of myocarditis and 74 reports of pericarditis in the 12-17yr age group.

Myocarditis is a serious condition with observational data demonstrating five year survival rates at only 50%. Theoretically this means that within the next five years 37 of these children will die. If Peter McCullough's assessment of the severity of vaccine induced myocarditis versus covid induces myocarditis is correct, we can almost be assured of this terrible mortality rate.

These figures are not difficult to find in the adverse event reports. While all cases may not be directly attributable to the vaccine, the TGA acknowledges the problem of under reporting of adverse events so it is likely this figure under estimates the prevalence.

While our government is 'hopeful' that the TGA will decide these vaccines are safe for children as young as 5, I am surprised we are still giving these drugs to teenagers at all.

I wonder if parents are aware of these figures when they take their children for jabs. I also wonder whether the parents of those who have experienced myocarditis now have accurate information about the life expectancy of their children?

I wonder that because I'm not seeing anything from outraged parents.. anywhere. If this was my child I'd be screaming from the rooftops.

Where are they?