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Telehealth viral transmission?

During some of the most anxious Covid times, pre-vax, during lockdowns, when we really didn't understand the virus, I was one of the few practitioners in my region who kept my door open to face to face clients.

This was welcomed by those who came to see me, many of whom were struggling with isolation and lack of connection, things that would not be remedied by a phone or zoom call.

More recently I have been disallowed the opportunity to serve my clients face to face and have reverted to online telehealth. There are now at least 3 Australian States that are now mandating jabs even for those who ONLY work in a telehealth capacity.

There can be absolutely NO health justification for this. It is not in any way possible to infect or transmit any illness over the internet or telephone. The damage to the health of those who have yet another service cut off at times of great mental distress will be immeasurable.

This long ago stopped being about our health and began being purely about control.

I am in a position where I don't need to work. I could simply retire and not give it all a second thought. The government isn't punishing me even though that seems to be the intent. They are punishing those I have provided a valuable service to; a service that many can't find elsewhere as the number of practitioners dwindles and waiting lists grow.

Someone suggested today that if I don't need to work, I could just provide my service for free. Guess what? Even that is not allowed.

The government is allowing doctors and hospitals to deny care to unvaccinated people. They are denying people access to mental health and emotional care at their most vulnerable times. I cannot even begin to fathom the agenda behind such tyrannical measures under 'health orders'. It is wrong on every level and every single politician and media persona that does not loudly and consistently condemn these actions is responsible for the added suffering of every person denied their human right to be cared for.


  1. Rena

    Will see what future will bring

  2. Lisa Dyer

    I am allowed to provide telehealth speech pathology …. The inability to offer face to face does impact some clients. They will have to go on a lengthy waitlist elsewhere to receive f2f. I would be keen to join any action that would prevent me offering telehealth… I do think it would wake up the few clients of mine that are living within this fear base covid psychosis if telehealth was denied 😐

  3. Renate

    We should get a group together. Should we be enough we could involve the alternative media or consumer groups. Doctors, psychologists etc all of us should come together. This is evidence that it is not about health, there’s another Agenda behind.

  4. Renate

    It’s not about health, it’s a psychopathic culture we’re living in. It’s about power and control. It’s WWIII we‘re facing now. Not sure how to make this public. So far I don’t even know if we are enough doctors/clinicians/psychologists to get consumers, the alternative media or oppositional parties on side. Not being able to do Telehealth because of not being vaccinated is evidence that it is not about health.

    VPN and Business address interstate may be away around?

    What States do say that Telehealth can only be offered if we’re being jabbed?

  5. Ros Nealon-Cook

    This is such an important topic to raise Debbie. I also can’t wrap my head around WHY on earth they are doing this, it’s extremely concerning that this level of bureaucratic insanity continues to go unchallenged by the vast majority.

  6. Cathryn Cavaney

    If you’re zooming, you’re sure not rooming…as in the same room. Why the hell would the “authorities” stop a practioner who has absolutely nil physical contact?

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