Watching both news and private footage of the March for the Babies, held in Melbourne yesterday, it struck me that around 3000 people could be so peacefully present in the face of only 100 or so shouting, offensive, noise making radicals, determined to silence anybody in disagreement with them.

The private footage reveals chants of

'F**ck off, bigots'

'God raped Mary, she should have aborted'

These weren't even the most offensive.   One young girl was called an 'ugly c**t' and told she should also have been aborted.

Apparently this was all in the name of choice, by the same crowd of radicals that often demand free speech and tolerance, yet demonstrate anything but tolerance to any who dare hold an alternate view.

Sadder even, particularly in light of calls from prominent abortion advocates for people to come forward with their abortion stories, with promises of acceptance, respect and no judgement, were those who tried to share their stories and were shouted down, or drowned out with the clanging of pots and pans and screaming of obscenities.

One woman who marched to honour her own child, one she grieves today almost 10 years after her abortion, says, 'If I had seen these people for what they were 10 years ago when they sold abortion to me as an empowering choice, I would have run a mile.'

As more women are coming forward with their stories of sorrow and grief, of coercion and lack of choice, more women can be empowered to stand up in the face of abortion pressure and demand their right to support to continue their pregnancies.

To share your story visit I regret my abortion today.     Our promise that you will never be judged or condemned has proven true..