There is so much misleading information in this article that I'm not sure where to begin.  The purpose is obviously to encourage a change in NSW law on abortion by scaremongering women, doctors and politicians.

First, if the case of Anna Groth is being accurately presented, what happened to her is a case of medical negligence, not fear of the law.   There can be no misconception by competent medical professionals that the law prevents appropriate healthcare, in this case a D&C rather than allowing a woman's health to deteriorate so dramatically.  This would be a medical competence article, not an abortion law article if it were portrayed accurately. 

Second, I have spoken to dozens and dozens of women who have had abortions in NSW, not one of whom had issues about criminality, trouble accessing abortion, or were put through any kind of rigorous questioning of their reasons for seeking abortion.   When I've watched social media commentary on articles like this, the majority of people comment that they had no idea abortion wasn't legal.   Dozens of women will comment that they had no problems getting an abortion.  I am yet to speak to a single doctor, in any state of Australia who refuses to provide abortion for fear of the law.   I have spoken to many who refuse to provide or refer for abortion because they believe the evidence of potential harm to women and/or they do not see providing abortion to women as a health enhancing action. 

This is yet another example of abortion advocates actively misleading the public on the issues in order to advance an ideology that cares more about the act of abortion than about the actual lives of women.