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UK vaccine efficacy

Guest post: Richard Gerlach

UK vaccine surveillance report for weeks 41-44 of 2021- Vaccine efficacy for infection close to 0 for 18-29 age group and dropping fast. - Vaccine efficacy for infection negative for all groups from age 30 upwards and still dropping. If you were vaxxed more than 3 months ago, you have about the same the chance of getting infected with covid as the unvaxxed.

If you were vaxxed more than 5-6 months ago, you apparently have more, in fact more than double the, chance of getting covid compared to an unvaxxed person, for ages 30-80. - Vaccine efficacy still strong for hospitalisation and death, being 60-80% for both, but these have waned significantly from the 90%+ figures from just a few weeks ago.

Of the 10179 covid hospitalizations in this period, 6461 were fully vaxxed, 7179 were above 50 years, and 4129 were above 70 years, of age.- Of the 4135 covid deaths in this period, 3284 were fully vaxxed, 3954 were above 50 years, and 3104 were above 70 years, of age. The UK currently has 68% of its total population fully vaxxed and 80% of the population aged 12+.

However, only 30% of 12-17 year olds have had their 1st dose, so they are not included in my analysis.

Comments: Deb Garratt

When I think about the harm being done to our economy, our social structures, families and individuals in the name of 'vaccine protections' in light of this data, I wonder who will have the courage to step up and say 'we got it wrong, we're sorry'.

Of course that is just a lot of wishful thinking when what we actually see is more and more people forced to have medications they don't want even with the evidence that they don't work. Children's lives have been put at risk and out government is considering sacrificing even more younger children in a ignorant and blind frenzy, almost like they are so desperate not to admit the error that they simply cannot stop.

We can stop it. We must stop it. We must stop it before more parents, blinded by the same irrationality start lining their babies.. 5yr olds.. up for this jab. A jab that has zero benefit to the child and is being given under the false premise that it will protect adults.

Child sacrifice. What will you do to stop this madness?

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  1. Michael Williamson

    To see the scale of the injuries being caused by these vaccines to children there is great data available from the US VAERS database. Just as an example, in the w/e 5/11 for children aged 12-17 in the US there were 22,782 total adverse events, including 1,400 rated as serious and 29 reported deaths. Haven’t seen the data since they started injecting 5-11 year old but will watch this with interest.

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