It had to happen.  At some point all the 'wokeness' in the world was going to come full circle and implode.  When the concept of 'rights' is a free for all it becomes meaningless until it infringes on a rights principle that is so entrenched as to be immovable.   That collision happened this week with Marie Stopes Australia, the nation's largest abortion provider deciding that they should be more 'inclusive' of all the 'people' who have abortions.  All that is except actual women.


When an organisation ostensibly devoted to the equality of women through the provision of essential abortion services bows to the gender ideology lobby and removes 'women' from its language we can expect something to happen.

And it did

It brought an almighty backlash from women on social media, not all in opposition to the statement that 'men have abortions' as ludicrous as we know that to be, but because of all the descriptive terms MS decided worthy of inclusion, 'women' wasn't one of them.

'Men with uteruses' have abortions'

'People' have abortions'

Women? Well, we all know they no longer exist.


The backlash was so swift, that Marie Stopes removed the offending graphic and post pretty quickly, issuing an apology,


"We apologise.... for not including women in our post about people who have abortions."

One wonders how it isn't noted that even this statement perpetuates an erasure of women.   In fact the apology from Marie Stopes attracted hundreds of comments from women rushing to be so very effusively thankful that MS has decided not to erase them after all!

How far have we regressed when women need to now be grateful for NOT being excluded?

This little inclusive gem is one that women could also be clap happy grateful for,


Chestfeeding?   Now breasts are potentially offensive so we must include an alternate word?  But yay!  They INCLUDED breasts.  Aren't we ever so lucky.

One thing we are unlikely to see happen to Marie Stopes is the 'go woke, go broke' outcome that many other types of organisations have experienced.  Unfortunately the nature of Alarmist Gatekeeping manipulation is firmly entrenched in abortion discourse at this time and of course MS is hugely invested in ensuring women continue to 'need' abortion for true equality.. financially invested I mean of course.   Equality with what I'm not sure they know anymore.

It is interesting to watch the intersecting of all these organisations tripping over one another to both retain their place without exposing their vested interests, while being so 'tolerant' and 'accepting' of all the other ideologies and organisations that ultimately threaten their very foundation.

The impingement on women in society and now in language should alarm everyone, yet such language change has crept in everywhere.   On being asked the question, can she please define what 'women' means for the purpose of her work as Minister for Women in Western Australia, Simone McGurk responded in part,

" .... uses the term woman to include any person who identifies and lives as a woman."

One wonders why we have a Minister for Women at all if for all intent and purpose, the biological definition no longer exists.

In the interests of tolerance and inclusivity, it is women who are being told to move over, the share their spaces, to accommodate the needs of a small minority who feel entitled to all that women have and all that women are.

Kind of sounds like the women's movement that told us that women should aspire to all that men had and were,  doesn't it?  That hasn't gone so well for us.

Today, men are told their very masculinity is 'toxic' and they should be more like women who have been striving to be more like men, yet now are told they don't actually really exist as a sex because how one 'feels' is more scientific than the presence of one's chromosomes.

Confused?  Imagine how our children feel.  They are teaching this stuff to your children and grandchildren today.  If the most scientific tangible aspect of ourselves cannot be trusted... our biology... what can?