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Who do you trust?

When government messaging becomes the only 'truth' allowed what kind of society do we really live in?

When our health professions are threatened unless they toe the government messaging line, who do we trust to ever have our best interests as a priority?

I have watched over the past year as one after another individual doctors and other health professionals I know have been picked off one by one by AHPRA and the Medical Board, being suspended, deregistered or having ridiculous conditions put on their registrations.

I've also watched the growing fear and silencing among others that I thought would never bow to such totalitarian measures to save themselves while watching others suffer.

Enough has to be enough. When do we ever draw the line if not now?

This is what doctors are dealing with when they dare to even speak an opinion that doesn't align with the 'truth' the government allows:

This GP, in order to maintain his/her registration is to be totally silent on any issue pertaining to health. A doctor, whose profession is health is completely gagged in every way. In addition she/he must not be a member of a legitimate, long-standing medical group that provides meetings and education on Covid, Vaccines and a myriad of other issues. Let's not forget she/he must not speak any 'truth' opposing government messaging.

There has been so much talk from politicians about people simply 'speaking to their doctor' for information about Covid vaccines. No wonder. That's a safe thing to say when the insistence is vaccination whatever the cost and doctors are threatened to toe the line.

This is so extraordinary as to bring into question anything any doctor tells you on any issue.

When a medical indemnity insurer gives the following advice:

.. we begin to see how they may feel a lack of support behind them.

Government and professional bodies threaten doctors.

The insurers tell them to toe the line even when that means they are forced to LIE against the evidence.

They are told they cannot be involved in groups of other professionals with similar experiences or concerns or educational intent.

Yet the fact remains if MORE stood up and said NO MORE there would be power in that.

They are being attacked individually, yet such attacks are on the entire profession and on all of us. Stand up to the tyranny or never trust anyone ever again.

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  1. Tina

    We need doctors ‘holding the line too’!!!
    They need to support each other in fighting this!!

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