2 weeks ago I posted a link to the website www.iregretmyabortion.org.au  on our facebook page.  I boosted the post, meaning I paid extra money to ensure that it appeared on the wall of all of our page's 'likers' and their friends. The stories on this site are real, heartfelt, and often harrowing. It is frustrating that I was forced to delete comments from 2 commenters that were insulting and demeaning to the people who so courageously shared their stories on this site.

One commenter, a 'liker' of the page wanted to know what this 'anti-abortion' rubbish was doing showing up on her wall. To her, I ask, when did it become okay, as women, for women's lived experiences to become fodder for ideological dismissiveness? All of these people are entitled to their stories. Not all hold or express any kind of ideological view. They simply share their story. YOU filter it through ideology, and in doing so in the way you did, you dismiss, ridicule and demean women and men who bravely speak out.

Another commenter, not recognised as a 'liker' so must be connected to one, also felt a need to comment about himself being 'pro-choice, pro-freedom for all' and called us 'disgusting'. Again it is time to ask all these people who throw around the terms 'choice' 'freedom' 'anti-abortion' to take a long hard look at their own ideologies, and what kind of 'freedom' they are actually espousing.

Freedom to fit into a narrow radical left viewpoint that doesn't allow freedom at all?

Choice to only seek abortion and if you don't you must remain silent about it... suffer in silence for we don't want to hear you, or don't believe you, or think that because you share, you have an agenda to deny other women rights?

This is not okay. We will continue to provide a forum for the voices of men and women who suffer after abortion.

We have always been happy to answer questions, engage in discussion, and even agree to disagree.. this is what adult, tolerant, 'freedom' loving people do. We will NOT tolerate the demeaning of people for their choices, or for speaking about them, regardless of what their stories are.