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Want to share your story from the last 3 years..

denied treatment?

discriminated against in some other way?

family breakdown?

lost your job?

Use the reply option below to tell your story. The replies only go public once I approve them. If you want to be anonymous, let me know and I can post anonymously.

Once you submit your story, it may be published in other social media, journal, or blogs.


  1. Alex

    Dear Debbie Garratt,

    My apologies to contact you this way, but I was unable to find any other avenue to alert you that your site: https://realchoices.org.au/ no longer works. It is a dead link that leads to nothing.

    I believe this is an important resource for women facing an unplanned/crisis pregnancy and I thought I might try to inform you that the site is down and has been down for quite a while.

    • Debbie

      Hi Alex
      I wound up the organisation almost a year ago now due to a lack of funding. I still have the resources but could not continue the website has it was an .org.au site which is not allowed unless you are a not for profit organisation.

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